Ten Year Note Remains Below Three

After rising above three percent earlier this year, the 10 Year Treasury Note has remained below three percent. During the past couple of weeks, the note has made a new rise toward the 3 percent mark. The note, however, has been unable to climb above 3 percent. Currently the note is trading at a 2.97 percent yield.

Back in April, I reported on the 10 Year Note’s rise to 3 percent and questioned if it would be able to climb above 3 percent. In May, the yield on the note did rise above 3 percent for a brief time period. Now, yields are testing 3 percent once again.

As I have mentioned in my other articles, it will be interesting to see if the yield on the note will be able to break above 3 percent. We will have to see if there will be a catalyst that will allow the 10 Year Note’s yield to move above 3 percent this year.

ten year note below three on 8-8-2018 Chart