My Coverage of the Walt Disney Company’s Financials

On the NavFile site, I will be covering the financial and operational performance of The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney Co. or “Disney” is one of the most iconic brands and companies in the world. Through the vision of the company’s founders, Walter E. Disney and Roy O. Disney, the company has grown significantly and has developed a magical way to conduct business.

For each quarter, I will be analyzing the performance of the firm and what I believe is important to watch at the company. Also, I will cover where I believe the company is heading.

I have covered Disney’s first quarter for the fiscal year 2019 on the NavFile site here. I plan on providing a video or audio presentation of Q1 within the next few days. This page will have an overview on the company's financial performance and a list of financial analysis articles.

In addition to financial coverage of the company, I plan on providing commentary on the company’s operations and some ideas that the company could implement to improve its performance.

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The Walt Disney Company Logo

Above: The Walt Disney Company logo.