Computer Technology

David has been fascinated with computer technology for a very long time. Computers have absolutely changed the way the economy functions and has enabled everyone to be connected around the world.

Free Computer Help

To further expand his fascination with computers, David looks to help everyone with computer technology. David provides free assistance with computer technology on a case-by-case basis. To learn more please visit this page.

Some specific areas that David can help with include setting up a custom email address (with a custom domain name).

A Photo of an Intel Core i5-3570k Processor Box

Above: An Intel Core i5-3570k processor box. Photo by David Aughinbaugh II.

Commentary, Research, and Training

Though his website and the CircuitRoute website, David provides commentary, research, and training on various computer technology topics. David Center is David’s main commentary section of the site. This where you can read analysis about various topics, including computers. The CircuitRoute site will be the main location where David will provide research and commentary on computers and the technology industry.

Helping Companies

Using free-thinking, entrepreneurship, and a background with managing, maintaining, and implementing various computer technology products for business use, David can help your business succeed. If your company needs help with computer technology, feel free to contact David to get him on your team.

In addition to being knowledgeable with computer technology, David is also resourceful in research, economics, business, strategic idea generation, and more. Fascinated by the miraculous nature of the marketplace and how it brings people together, David sees work as play. Through business, David looks to help people around the world. If you need a person to help your business grow, develop innovation, and meet the needs of customers, contact David.

A Photo of David Aughinbaugh II in Florida

Florida Real Estate

David is a Florida Real Estate Agent/Consultant and Can Help With Real Estate.

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