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David is a person engaged in commerce that is focused on developing and delivering quality products and services to the marketplace. David enjoys and follows computer technology, technology in general, aviation, transportation baseball, and more. To learn more about David check out the other articles and information posted on site.

David regularly researches companies, plus their products, and provides commentary on ways to improve performance and other operational insights.


As a person engaged in commerce, David Aughinbaugh focuses on developing new products and services while also looking to improve current products. David has been fascinated by technology and how it can improve everyday activities. With this fascination, Mr. Aughinbaugh is always looking for ways to help people.


David is also fascinated with computer technology and can help individuals and businesses in this area. David plans on providing commentary on the computer industry here on his website and on CircuitRoute.


David Aughinbaugh is a big aviation fan and has been researching and following the industry since he was young.


Aughinbaugh is also a baseball fan. Learn more about David Aughinbaugh and baseball here.

Here on David’s website he posts commentary and insight on the various industries he is intrested in.